Re-creation Guidelines for Goat Games Players V1.0


I. Preface

The Goat Games (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") are open, welcoming, supportive and appreciative of the content created with love and passion for the game, and hope that players can enjoy a greater creative space and support with a positive social environment for fan-made and re-creation works. The "Re-creation Guidelines for Goat Games Players V1.0" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines") is hereby issued. Updates and revisions might be made in the future depending on the actual situation.


II. Rules

1.        The Re-creation Works defined in these Guidelines include, but are not limited to, cultural works created by players themselves with their own creativity through imitation, adaptation and quotation based on the characters, videos, audio, etc. in the game, such as: Mix-cut video clips, fan drawings, fan collections, fan fiction, fan toy figures, merchandise, etc.

2.        Currently, the Company only allows re-creation in the name of the players, not in the name of companies or studios.

3.        The Company encourages creators to freely re-create non-paid content that has already been published in Goat Games.

4.        Plagiarism and excessive imitating from others are not permitted for re-creation works, regardless of the quality. The most basic form of originality must be guaranteed.

5.        Re-creation works shall not involve sensitive topics such as politics, religions, etc., or any other illegal content such as pornography, gambling, drugs and violence.

6.        Re-creation works must not violate the provisions of relevant laws and regulations; must not violate the legitimate rights and interests of third parties; must not include any offensive or insulting content on the original video/audio/characters, etc. of Goat Games; must not infringe on the relevant rights and characters of Goat Games; and must not damage the Company's image in any form, causing a negative impact on the Company's reputation. In case of the above-mentioned violations, the Company reserves the right to prosecute through legal proceedings depending on the actual severity of the infraction.

7.        Re-creation works are subject to the publishing rules and user code of the platform. When publishing and sharing re-creation works, please clearly label them with Goat Games re-creation works. For mix-cut clip videos that involve the plot of Goat Games, please indicate the source in the introduction of the video.

8.        The creator of re-creation works shall not register any official original work related to Goat Games, such as graphics, texts, music, etc. for trademarks, copyrights or patents in any country or region.

9.        It is prohibited to use re-creation works for any profit-making purposes. Upon the Company's request to terminate the re-creation works, the creator shall immediately halt the creation or remove the published content.

10.   The Company and the creators of the re-creation works shall each enjoy the copyrights of re-creation works in accordance with the Copyright Law and other laws and regulations. The creators acknowledge that the Company is authorized to use their re-creation works for free (in any region and at any time). The Company has the right to re-authorize the re-recreation works to third parties in compliance with the law.

11.   These Guidelines shall take effect from the date of publication. The Company reserves the right of final interpretation of these Guidelines.


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